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2020-10-08 • Updated

Trading Platform for Real Needs

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Information is not investment advice.

What is the life of a day trader? Most of the time, it is a routine with rituals they set for themselves and follow regularly. Two-five hours a day they spend in front of their PC workstations checking the news, tracking analytics, applying their trading strategies. Stability is good, but what if the system is not fast enough to catch all the market opportunities? Or their trading platform is not running as smoothly as it should and is not providing them with all the data necessary for a buy/sell decision?

Mobile trading helps to overcome all these drawbacks. Not only you become less tied down to your chair, but you also avoid time-lags in your transactions. Besides, even if you are on-the-go, the global financial markets are still at your fingertips.

Mobile digitalization is up and running, and brokers are aware of it. Therefore, the stores are overcrowded with the apps. It is common knowledge that having too many equally good options is tiresome. You have to weigh all pros and cons before you come up with the best choice. Thus, to avoid making your own decision, you can end up downloading a platform that has been in the market longer, and that everybody is using. It’s a trap!

Remember, you don’t need the one with dozens of awards and media monopoly. What you have to find is a platform that is suitable for your trading strategy and style, the one that won’t be overloaded with functions you may never use. As they say: ‘Ignore the noise and follow your own choice.’

How to Choose the One

For starters, take a moment to dream about what your ideal pack for active trades can be. You’ll be surprised how well you know your needs. Be true to yourself not to get lured with recommendations and haunting ads. Your experience, trading style, strategy, pace, financial capabilities, and stress resistance – that’s what matters most. Put yourself first, but ask reasonable questions before you take it or leave it.  

We collected the top parameters you should consider when choosing your trading app.

Three “S”: Security, Stability, Speed

As a trader, you are always an opportunity seeker. Any tiny room for profit feels tempting for you. Not to miss the chances in the market that is constantly volatile, you should be sure that the platform you use will react fast and won’t crash at the critical moment. Sometimes to enter and exit a position in a short period is the only possibility to profit. Your trading platform must be trustworthy not only in this matter but also in terms of funds security.

With FBS Trader, we put the mentioned things first. You have to get your ID, residence, and financial literacy verified before you can make any transactions with us. All the data is securely stored and protected from fraud, ID thefts, illegal write-offs, etc. FBS is regulated by CySEC – the organization that protects traders from scams and provides a fair and transparent marketplace. To comply with all the regulations, FBS sends various audit reports and financial documents to CySEC. We hope it brings you peace of mind when investing in the FBS Trader app.

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Comprehensive User Experience

In the world of fast decisions, developers of mobile apps should be very much concerned about the first impression. It only takes 20 seconds for a user to understand if the design is suitable for them. A good layout and easy navigation to the tools you need may be the bottom line when you choose whether to stay in the app or spend just 5 minutes to find a new one.

What is more, you shouldn’t stumble on the most important steps like order creation, depositing, checking open positions, and the like.

For instance, FBS Trader is minimalistic in a good way, guiding you through the whole trading routine. Apart from being easy on your eye, it will logically lead you from statistics per currency pair towards ‘buy or sell’ action that is a few taps away.  And it only takes you four taps in total to deposit or withdraw with a variety of payment systems available.

Client Support

Even if the performance is smooth and flawless, there still can be situations when you will need a little assistance in technical or individual issues. Fortunately, in FBS Trader, you don’t need to leave the app to ask the questions that bother you. Open a Chat right away and get an answer 24/5 in your local language.

Tools for YOU

As I mentioned several times before, the tools you seek should be tailored to your individual needs. It is an excellent context for the ‘less is more’ rule. You don’t need many tools to trade. Your success and number of functionalities are not dependable.

When creating FBS Trader, the team relied on the feedback collected over 11 years that we have been in the market. So, the app is client-oriented from birth. We know for sure what tools our audience uses daily and keep in mind the features that may be on-demand soon. Have a look at what FBS Trader can offer today.

  • Handy Statistics

Once you tap ‘i’ on a currency pair in the Trading section, you will see detailed live statistics for it. It may help to forecast the behavior of the asset in the market and to make the trading decision. You can switch between line and candlestick graphs, select one of 9 timeframes, track how rates are changing throughout the day, and see the ‘buy-sell’ prices fluctuating in real-time.

SM2609_FBSTraderArticle-illustrations_003 copy.jpg
  • Order Management

Get the detailed order information, including up-to-date ask/bid prices, order volume, and others. When you place an order, you can apply all the settings before its creation. Set a convenient stop loss, take profit, or pending order to manage risks for your trades. Keep track of your orders and see how your Forex performance improves in the transaction history.

SM2609_FBSTraderArticle-illustrations_004 copy.jpg
  • Favorite Trading Instruments

Select the currency pairs that you use most often and see them in a list. Over time you will start noticing how the price change per trading instrument influences the trend for another one. Thus, you’ll learn to see the big picture and make balanced well-thought decisions. Give it a go!

SM2609_FBSTraderArticle-illustrations_005 copy.jpg
  • Fast Transactions

The  Finances section holds your deposit and withdrawal options. Access them in no time and select how to process your money:

  • Bank card
  • Wire transfer
  • E-payment (Skrill, Neteller, Rapid Transfer)

You can devote the saved time to performance analysis and risk management.

Stick to Your Decision

The trading platform is the only intermediary between you and the market. So, the decision you make about it is ground-breaking. Be motivated by your own goals in trading; select the one that is simple, fast, and reliable. We hope that after taking into consideration all of the mentioned parameters, you’ll make the best decision possible.

If you ever feel like leaving feedback for the FBS Trader app, contact us. Improvements based on client experience is our on-going strategy. 

SM2609_FBSTraderArticle-illustrations_006-final copy.jpg
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