Order execution

Order execution – fast, accurate, no requotes

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Record timing for order execution

Asset prices on Forex change within fractions of a second, and your success is directly impacted by how fast you can make and implement decisions.

That is why, FBS company feels obligated to guarantee clients with the highest possible order execution speed.



95% of orders are executed within 0.4 second.

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No requotes

All FBS accounts use Market Execution of orders. Orders are executed at factual market prices, requotes are impossible.

Orders are executed within the NDD (Non-Dealing Desk) technologies – so they are offset directly into the systems of the liquidity providers.

Market execution image Market execution image
Market execution image

The whole range of orders for your trading strategy

FBS clients have access to:

  • Market orders icon

    Market orders

  • Limit orders icon

    Limit orders

  • Stop orders icon

    Stop orders, including trailing stop orders

  • Number of orders icon

    Maximum number of orders

    Up to 200 orders

    “Standard” accounts will allow you up to 200 orders at the same time.

  • Order volume icon

    Order volume

    Up to 500 lots

    From 0.01 cent lot (with 0.01 step) up to 500 lots