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Cent and Standard Accounts: Key Differences and Similarities

Information is not investment advice.

Trading on the Forex market always starts with creating a trading account. At FBS, this process is simple: you choose an account to your liking, register, and verify it. But the question is, what account type is the best option for you?

FBS offers traders Standard, Cent, Demo and Professional accounts. Many novice Forex traders don't fully understand the main differences and similarities between all of these accounts, which is why we decided to make a small guide to help traders make the correct choice.

статья в блог Standard VS Cent accounts_001.jpg


Game of Odds: Gambling vs. Trading

Gambling vs. Trading_001-cover.jpg

When it comes to trading, some controversial opinions always appear. You start trading, and one of your friends, instead of support, throws a tantrum, telling things like, “What? Investing? No-no-no, it’s nothing more than playing dirty games”. After such an unwelcome reaction, you, as a novice trader, get lost in the lake of doubt. Is Forex trading just gambling? What am I doing? At first, you feel drained, but then you become calmer, conduct research that allows you to give your friend quality arguments, and continue to overcome difficulties you face on the trader path.

Here are five halts before we reveal the truth. 


Forex vs. CFD: Which One is Better?

GM-617 Forex vs CFD_001-cover.jpg

Information is not investment advice.

Probably, every trader has faced the abbreviation CFD. But if you ask what this means, in most cases, the answer is: "it's something similar to Forex, only for stocks." And yes, in general, this definition is close to the truth, but there are some nuances that we would like to share with you.

But first, what are Forex and CFD themselves?


Proactive Trader: a Team Player or a Loner?

Proactive trader-01.jpg

Information is not investment advice.

When you start trading, many questions appear in your head. Today we concentrate only on ones that consider the effectiveness of performing on Forex. How would it be better? Alone or as a part of a big trading "family"?

Like in real life, in trading, people also can be divided into two main groups: those who prefer trade as a loner and those who are much stronger as a team player. How to understand what kind of trading activity suits you? Where can you be on the top of your productivity? To be honest, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on you and the style of work that you find more comfortable. Evaluate the pros and cons of both trading styles and decide what you prefer.


8 Mistakes Forex Newbies Make

8 ошибок-00 1.png

Information is not investment advice.

We all can be wrong from time to time. It’s a common thing for the people who would like to gain experience in any area of life. There are no actions without mistakes. There are no results without actions. Can you see the connection? However, some errors may cost us a fortune. Luckily, we are capable of doing whatever it takes to prevent us from faults at the first steps towards the world of Forex.

We’ve prepared for you a list of popular mistakes beginner traders make in Forex trading. The order is random, so don’t concentrate on numbers, judge the consequences. May the lesson be useful to you.


Test yourself – do you remember the main economic events?

The main economic events_001-cover 867x488.jpg

Information is not investment advice.

Half of 2020 is already left behind. What a year! The year when everything seems to go to the dogs. Or the year of the new beginnings? The opportunities are in the eyes of the doer, you know ;-) Do you remember what kind of news you have been following? This short quiz helps you to refresh it. Let’s go!

So, the first question is pretty simple, are you ready?


5 reasons to look closer


Information is not investment advice.

What we have done in the first half of 2020

For the last six months, the world has turned upside down uncountable times. Nevertheless, something stays the same – the FBS team is continually growing to show you one of the most exceptional performances. We’ve been working hard, and it’s about time to show the achievements we made for your convenience and joy. Maybe you will find something without which your life won’t be complete anymore.


Cable or Loonie?

Cable or Loonie_001-cover.jpg

Information is not investment advice.

The ultimate guide to currency nicknames

What are these pro-traders talking about?  Who or what are Matie and Guppy? Are they distant relatives or secret code words to enter a sorority? Too many questions, but the answers are too few. Fret not! Today you gonna boost your knowledge and find out how traders in the professional community call currencies. Some nicknames are funny; others carry exciting stories. Uncover all of them and become a seasoned trader who is no newbie to FX slang.


Do you want to know your future?

Information is not investment advice.

The power of setting goals is hardly underestimated. There is a strong link between our plans and our future. What captures our thoughts the most is shown in our everyday activity, even in trading. Let us know what’s in your head, and we’ll tell you what’s likely going to happen.


Best Currency Pairs to Trade and Live Happily Ever After

Best Currency Pairs to Trade and Live Happily Ever After_001-cover.jpg

Information is not investment advice.

It is so easy to get confused in the world of financial volatility and numerous assets that the FX market offers for trading. We know what you feel! Often newbies and other less experienced traders select the simplest way by referring to the most traded and popular currency pairs. Is this the right path? We are going to find out.


The Great Trap of Consciousness

The Great Trap_001-cover.jpg

Information is not investment advice

How our fears prevent us from quitting the unsatisfying career and how we can solve it

You may have heard the famous quotation: "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become". There are the words of Steve Jobs, American entrepreneur, industrial designer, and investor. He still inspires millions of people to quit jobs that make them unhappy and start doing things they actually want to do.

It sounds pretty simple, huh? If you feel passion for the activity of some sort, just make it your regular job. However, the reality of a career changing is that it's rarely an easy process. Let's find out the barriers that distract us from following the dream of working on the projects we are deeply engaged in. Recognizing the problem is the first step to manage it.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Trading


Information is not investment advice.

Over the past 60 years, AI and machine learning have made a breathtaking jump from science fiction to the real world. Though these technologies are still in their youth with greater ambitions to satisfy, they have already transformed our lives drastically. The word AI is highly misused and overused, making us think that everything from a taxi app to a toothbrush is powered by it. In reality, the technology that stands behind these inventions is changing the world right here and now.

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