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How to Cope with Your First Failure on the Market?


If you’ve suffered your first loss trading, you may feel like giving up. But, remember, this is a turning point for you and your trading journey. Stop now, and you will never feel the rush of victory! So here are some tips on how to get up if the market knocked you down.


Stocks: Top-5 of what you’ll want to trade


So much better

If you look at the currency charts, they may seem chaotic most of the time. On any timeframe, be it long-term, mid-term, or short-term. The basic reason for that is that a currency quotation reflects the relation between two currencies. In turn, that relation comes from how the two corresponding economies compare to each other. As there are many dynamic factors to take into account, the currency quote rarely follows identical trends over various timeframes. That makes it difficult to predict and to trade currencies.


5 tweets that rocked the market


Information is not investment advice.

In our age of mobile internet and publicity everywhere, anyone may become an influencer and move the markets. That’s even more true for people of power, celebrities, or those who may have some inside info. Who’s the first one who comes to your mind? If it’s not Donald Trump, you’ve probably kept Twitter away for the last 4 years… Here you go with a Top-5 list of market-moving tweets from FBS!


FBS acquired the FBS Banking trademark (former FBSB PLC)

The year starts on a high note for our Company. Starting from today the FBS Banking™ trademark (former FBSB PLC) belongs to FBS (Tradestone Ltd.). We believe that the acquisition of the brand will strengthen our position as a significant player in the brokerage field and allow the company to provide unique services on behalf of the FBS brand.

It is the best event to start the year with, so stay tuned for more updates, improvements to the services we provide, and trading conditions tailored for your needs in the financial markets.

Former FBS Banking clients should contact CALAY Banking™ at


Know Your Heroes: Successful Traders of Modern Era


We bet you’ve heard many times that a great journey starts with a small step. What if we say that success is just a journey, not a final destination. But where you have to go to manage your path to the heights? Plunge into the most exciting stories of success to learn from the insights.


Top trading strategies

Top trading strategies-01.png

Are you lost in a huge amount of forex strategies? Are you looking for the perfect one? We’ve made a list of the best trading strategies for you! Read short summaries of all of them and decide which one suits you more.


Market Fluctuation: Key Tips for Trading in a Fluctuating Market


Myth - randomness

Have you ever observed nature? Many things, such as the trajectory of a bee, may seem random.  At the same time, they are not – there is nothing random in nature. They appear random only because you don’t know the reasons that push this or that object in a certain direction. Normally, the brain can’t comprehend when too many things happen simultaneously – just like in the market.


Trading Plan. All the Essentials

Trading Plan-01.png

Why planning is crucial on Forex and what will happen if you have none.

It seems like in such a complex area as trading with all its peculiarities, including numerous strategies, orders, and instruments, people have to appreciate planning. However, this expectation is far from reality. For some traders, making a plan is just a waste of time because they think they are gurus of keeping everything in mind and coping with their emotions right in the market. It is a common mistake, and we would like to explain why.


How to Trade During the US Presidential Election?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you've probably heard, read, or participated in some heated discussions about the US presidential race. Although 2020 is totally unpredictable, the next American president's election on November 3 must be the most anticipated autumn event.

US Election - 2.png


How to defeat the fear in Forex trading?

Information is not investment advice.

Fear is a natural emotion that people face a lot throughout their life. And since Forex is still quite a risky business, many traders, both beginners and experienced ones, have to deal with their fears in trading.

GM-1933 How to defeat the fear in Forex trading.png

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