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How to Trade During the US Presidential Election?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you've probably heard, read, or participated in some heated discussions about the US presidential race. Although 2020 is totally unpredictable, the next American president's election on November 3 must be the most anticipated autumn event.

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How to defeat the fear in Forex trading?

Information is not investment advice.

Fear is a natural emotion that people face a lot throughout their life. And since Forex is still quite a risky business, many traders, both beginners and experienced ones, have to deal with their fears in trading.

GM-1933 How to defeat the fear in Forex trading.png


What Are Commodities and How to Trade Them?

статья в блог commodities trading-01.png

Information is not investment advice.

Since the beginning of human civilization, commodities have been a vital investment asset. In short, a commodity is a basic good or raw material that people buy and sell. Usually, commodities are the building blocks for more complex goods and services.


First steps of a trader. Where to start your Forex journey?

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Information is not investment advice.

Welcome to the world of trading! You probably want to become more active in managing your finance and are now in doubts where to start. This article will guide you through the basics of Forex and show which steps you should take on the way to becoming a professional. Ready? Then let’s get started!


Becoming a pro: dialectics of studying


Information is not investment advice.

The stages of learning

Every development process is particular to the one who is studying. The same applies to trading skills. Although all traders have similar objectives – becoming more efficient and earning more – the paths they take may be different. Still, what is the difference between a pro and just an experienced person? In trading, just like in the other areas of life, such difference is in the ease at which a pro reaches his targets, while a lower-level practitioner needs more time, energy, and other resources to reach the same goal. What does it mean?

Here is how a studying process normally goes.


Cent and Standard Accounts: Key Differences and Similarities

Information is not investment advice.

Trading on the Forex market always starts with creating a trading account. At FBS, this process is simple: you choose an account to your liking, register, and verify it. But the question is, what account type is the best option for you?

FBS offers traders Standard, Cent, Demo and Professional accounts. Many novice Forex traders don't fully understand the main differences and similarities between all of these accounts, which is why we decided to make a small guide to help traders make the correct choice.

статья в блог Standard VS Cent accounts_001.jpg


Game of Odds: Gambling vs. Trading

Gambling vs. Trading_001-cover.jpg

When it comes to trading, some controversial opinions always appear. You start trading, and one of your friends, instead of support, throws a tantrum, telling things like, “What? Investing? No-no-no, it’s nothing more than foul games”. After such an unwelcome reaction, you, as a novice trader, get lost in the lake of doubt. Is Forex trading just gambling? What am I doing? At first, you feel drained, but then you become calmer, conduct research that allows you to give your friend quality arguments, and continue to overcome difficulties you face on the trader path.

Here are five halts before we reveal the truth. 


Forex vs. CFD: Which One is Better?

GM-617 Forex vs CFD_001-cover.jpg

Information is not investment advice.

Probably, every trader has faced the abbreviation CFD. But if you ask what this means, in most cases, the answer is: "it's something similar to Forex, only for stocks." And yes, in general, this definition is close to the truth, but there are some nuances that we would like to share with you.

But first, what are Forex and CFD themselves?


Proactive Trader: a Team Player or a Loner?

Proactive trader-01.jpg

Information is not investment advice.

When you start trading, many questions appear in your head. Today we concentrate only on ones that consider the effectiveness of performing on Forex. How would it be better? Alone or as a part of a big trading "family"?

Like in real life, in trading, people also can be divided into two main groups: those who prefer trade as a loner and those who are much stronger as a team player. How to understand what kind of trading activity suits you? Where can you be on the top of your productivity? To be honest, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on you and the style of work that you find more comfortable. Evaluate the pros and cons of both trading styles and decide what you prefer.

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