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Trading Schedule Changes due to DST

Trading Schedule Changes due to DST

The spring is here, which means we want to take all of it! To get an extra hour of light several areas adjust clocks forward one hour according to daylight saving time (DST).

Here is a plan for the changes.

Starting from March 10, 2019 (02:00 MT Time), XAU and XAG will be available for trading 1 hour earlier due to Daylight Saving Time coming into effect in the USA.

Also, please note that the market will be closed 1 hour earlier (at 23:00 MT Time) on Fridays starting from March 15 up to March 29.

On March 31, Daylight Saving Time will come into effect in Europe. At 02:00 (MT Time), MT4 platform clock will also be turned 1 hour ahead. The trading schedule for XAU and XAG will be back on track with MetaTrader time starting from March 31.

If you are anyhow confused by the information, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

Though DST causes a lost hour of sleep it also lets you start trading earlier with a fresh mind and big hopes. Consider the DST changes when planning your trading sessions!

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