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FBS Trader – Must-Have Trading Platform from FBS

FBS Trader – Must-Have Trading Platform from FBS

FBS Trader is a branded mobile trading platform with a simple interface, essential tools for fast financial transactions, statistics per trading instruments, and secure storage of sensitive data. 

With FBS Trader, you will keep all your funds and operations under the radar not to miss the opportunities in the market. You can open and close deals on the go no matter whether you are at a birthday party, on the way to the beach, in a traffic jam, or shopping for food. React promptly, track your performance, analyze, and progress to a professional. 

Financial management options include deposits and withdrawals via wire transfer, bank card, Netteller or Skrill. Anytime you can open a chat with a support team and solve all your issues. Each order goes with detailed info, each currency pair – with illustrative charts that will help you to create a profitable strategy. 

Never lose control of your finances and get the most of online trading. 

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Faster Way to Get a Retail Category

Starting from today, you can try to upgrade from a Demo category to a Retail one just three days after your previous survey completion.

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