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FBS – Official Trading Partner of FC Barcelona

FBS – Official Trading Partner of FC Barcelona

The whole FBS team is singing football chants all over the office because we welcome our new official partners – FC Barcelona. Yeah, you heard it right. Today we want to announce that FBS is an official trading partner of the most renowned football club. 

The partnership was made official at the Camp Nou stadium where the officials from both sides shook hands and expressed their expectations about the future goals. Juliano Belletti, a true Barça Legend, attended the ceremony. He is known as the scorer of the winning goal in the 2006 Champions League final in Paris.

This cooperation is a milestone and an enormous load of inspiration for us and, hopefully, for all our clients. Our ‘clubs’ share approaches to client commitment, respect, reliability, and ambitious development. We are a perfect match! 

No doubt that this event will trigger new improvements for FBS. But we’ll always stay by your side. 

United by one goal - trade for glory! 

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FC Barcelona Partnership – Behind the Scenes

The day when the partnership between FBS and FC Barcelona was made official is part of our history now. We bet you want to sneak in and see the timeline of events we witnessed during the day. Well, the schedule was tight, but the time flew past so fast. Join us and see how mind-blowing that Friday was.

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