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Movie night with FBS

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What can be better than a chilled movie night on the weekend? Only a traders’ movie night! Stay in touch with the favorite business even when you’re not trading with our TOP 6 movies about trading, finances and the market. Get a break like a real trader and tell us which movie you liked the most!

Forex trader? Sounds proud


Being a part of something special makes you special too, they say. In the case of Forex, it is true for sure. People come here for profit and financial success. But they get much more – they become a part of a serious and impressive community. It’s like being a part of a special club: with its history, remarkable facts, jokes, and statistics. Read about the club you got in – the Forex club!


Forex Robots: who, how, what for?


The machine era is here. It’s not the rise of machines kind of situation just yet, but several lines of codes are already having a serious impact on our lives in every possible field. Forex is not an exception. Are you ready to find out how artificial intelligence can change your trading? Explaining Forex robots from scratch in our article.



Self-made traders who broke the frames and got to the top


New Year is a great time to set new goals, create plans and recharge your inspiration. And what can be more inspirational, than a story of success? Forex is a place where everything is possible for everyone. Here are 5 impressive stories of famous traders, who started with very different backgrounds, but have one thing in common – success.


Тest for Lesson 5. Fundamental analysis

If you manage this test, then you are clearly an expert in Mr. Trump’s tweets and news trading! It’s not as easy as it seems, but we’re sure you’ll pass with flying colors.

This is the test for the final lesson in our Forex for beginners course. You can always get the whole course via emails if you register a Demo account on our website.


Test for Lesson 2. All you need to know about prices

What was it again? Bears, bulls, pips and pipette – sounds serious, but you’ve mastered this topic! This test will help you make sure you’ve settled down all the knowledge about the prices on Forex and move on with the lessons.

If you don’t know what lessons we’re talking about, then register a Demo account and get the email Forex for beginners lessons.


Test for Lesson 1. MetaTrader

MetaTrader is the basics everyone needs to know about. Otherwise, how will you operate on the market? Take a test to check if you learned your MetaTrader lesson good and can move on to the next topic.

Do you want to get the email Forex for beginners lessons? Then all you need to do is register a Demo account on our website.


Before you start

Have you watched our video «Forex for beginners»? If so, then welcome to the path of becoming a professional in Forex trading! Take this easy test to consolidate your first Forex knowledge and begin the first lesson.

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