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Trading Instead of Cooking a Dinner



“Hey, honey! Today, I have earned a thousand dollars. How was your day?”

This is the way a typical Japanese housewife is very likely to greet her husband returning home from work. What about cooking dinner? Well, this is not that crucial, especially as the delivery from the posh restaurants is not a problem after earning this amount.


Trading Platform for Real Needs

SM2609_FBSTraderArticle-illustrations_001-cover copy.jpg

What is the life of a day trader? Most of the time, it is a routine with rituals they set for themselves and follow regularly. Two-five hours a day they spend in front of their PC workstations checking the news, tracking analytics, applying their trading strategies. Stability is good, but what if the system is not fast enough to catch all the market opportunities? Or their trading platform is not running as smoothly as it should and is not providing them with all the data necessary for a buy/sell decision?


Self-Quarantine with FBS


Self-quarantining? Well done – this is the safest option for the moment. The other step is not to go crazy spending time at home. FBS will help you with that! We have some ideas for traders to keep busy – of course, with entertaining and developing the mind ;) Here is the list of what you can be up to right after reading this article.


Basics of Forex Trading: Test Yourself


Do you know all the essentials of trading Forex? Are you really that sure? If you don't doubt your knowledge, take a test on the basics. Be careful, it’s not a piece of cake – you can easily make a mistake ;)

If you feel like a student before an examination and go weak at your knees, familiarize yourself with our Forex Guide learn all the needed information about the FX word. Then, prove that you are savvy enough in trading essentials to become a professional market performer.


Top 3 new books of trading for beginners


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” Lao Tzu declared centuries ago. However, when it comes to trading, this first step is quite a challenging and crucial thing. What to start with? Where to go to? Dozens of guide books explaining the basics of trading are published every year, and it’s essential to keep a close eye at the new releases - new tips, tools, and strategies proven with time are added continuously.


George Soros – A billionaire Unspoiled By Money


Investor, philanthropist, social activist, writer, the 56th richest person in the world, according to Forbes, and definitely the legend. Yeah, you have a hunch whom we are talking about. All these titles were given to the American financier George Soros, or it's better to say were deserved by this icon for 89 years of his life. You may call him as you prefer, but the crucial thing remains the same – he is a person whom people have discussed through the decades. Especially after that night when he earned a billion. Yeah, guys – one may lose count of zeros while writing this number.

How did Soros manage to do so? What else did he went through and achieved? And why people all over the world and the FX community, in particular, keep admiring this man? Today, we recall the story of the world-famous and probably the most generous trader of all time.


Gender Means Nothing


Do you think that the market is an environment no woman can survive in?  When it comes to the finance industry, are you sure that a lady may not be considered a rival or an example? Are you afraid of entering “male” territory or have used your gender as an excuse for not to get started? In all the cases, we highly recommend you reading this article. FBS is sharing the story of women who have the edge over men in trading and prove – gender is not a variable affecting success.


How to Diversify your Investments and Start Living


Diversification is your pain killer pill if it ever comes to losses. Traders with balanced portfolios tend to be more secure about their failures, manage risks better, and avoid dramatic shortages of funds. However, it can only reduce pain, but won’t cure it. Remember, diversification alone does not guarantee that you will never lose again or that you will build a fortune in a year; it works more as a shield, a personal airbag that may soften any stroke of bad luck, save your nerves, and let you feel secure.


Helping Underprivileged People

There always comes a moment when you need to stop for a while and meditate on what you may give and share. The world is a beautiful place, but, unfortunately, it is poisoned with poverty, diseases, social injustice, greediness, natural, and environmental disasters. FBS has always been concerned about people in need. We put our best efforts into making an impact on the world and give you a chance to help while trading for a cause. 

There are many more out there, and contributions can never be enough.



7 ways to bury your dreams


Everyone around us always talks about how important it is to dream and let your dreams prosper. But prospering dreams is not all – your dream has to evolve into action to get on the whole other level of this funny thing called reality. Forex is several dreams combined: the independence, the changed lifestyle, the opportunity to live the life you want.


Recession Survival Kit


Have you heard of foreboding? Open your vocabulary notebook and put it down. You probably already know the meaning or will definitely need it soon. It is a torturing feeling that something evil will happen, a premonition that casts dread over the future. The worst part, you don’t know precisely when “apocalypse” will strike!

Day after day, global news and the most influential analytical agencies warn us about the upcoming financial crisis. Some predict that it is imminent; others soften the situation and give hope that it won’t be so devastating. Nonetheless, we, who follow the global events, are not at ease and get up in the morning with anxiety and foreboding that gives us chills.

Don’t let fear control you! The more information you have, the less dramatic the inevitable prospect will seem.

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