GBP/JPY: market broke all Moving Averages

GBP/JPY: market broke all Moving Averages

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The price has been rising since the last 'Triple Bottom' was formed. The market has broken all the Moving Averages and there's no any reversal pattern so far. In this case, we should watch the nearest important resistance at 146.28 - 146.54 as a possible bullish target. If a pullback from this area happens next, there'll be a moment to have a bearish correction towards 145.48 - 145.01 and the Moving Averages.




EUR/NZD has stumbled

On the W1, EUR/NZD formed a candlestick with a long upper wick - a sign that sellers are strong in the 1.76 area.

GBP/JPY: trading on Brexit

What is the best way to bet on the positive outcome of the Brexit deal? Technically, the GBP has bullish potential versus the JPY.

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