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  • Your ideal trading strategy

    It’s common knowledge that successful traders have strategies. How to choose a good one? Is it possible to create a good trading strategy with one's own hands? At this webinar, FBS expert Elizabeth Belugina will give you extensive information about strategies and answer your questions.

  • Trading on low timeframes

    Some traders are passionate about short-term trades that give them opportunities to earn fast. However, not all succeed because low timeframes require some knowledge. FBS analyst Darya Bobrova will share:

    - Essentials of trading on low timeframes;

    - Pros and cons of low timeframes;

    - Trading strategies for low timeframes.

  • Make money on the news

    Economic news can provoke big ups and downs in currency pairs. At this webinar, FBS expert Elizabeth Belugina will explain which events can bring you profit and what to do to get it.