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  • Gold: trading tips, recent events and the outlook

    Apart from currencies, gold is a very popular trade item in Forex. It has a different set of impact factors, and that makes it even more attractive!

    In the webinar, FBS analyst Gaspar Markosyan will help you understand:

    - how gold price is affected by economic events;

    - what have been the most recent price movers for gold;

    - what is the likely layout for the future price movement.

    Register for the webinar and don't miss your chance to get the most from trading gold!

  • Market correlations in practice

    Have you ever heard about hedging? We are sure you have. The idea of hedging is to invest in assets that move opposite at the same time. But how to determine those assets?

    FBS analyst Darya Bobrova will tell:

    - What the correlation is;

    - What assets move opposite;

    - How to use a negative correlation in practice.

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