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  • Divergence: great signal for your trades

    Do you know what is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and trustworthy trading concepts? Of course, it is divergence. Many traders build strategies based on divergences and identify entry and exit points. During this webinar, FBS analyst Ekaterina Gorbatenko will explain to you:

    - How to divide a bearish divergence from a bullish one;

    - What are the perfect signals a divergence can give you;

    - Tips for trading divergences.

  • Ultimate guide to trading instruments

    Do you know that your spectrum of trading opportunities is not limited by the major currency pairs? In fact, you can trade metals, CFDs and even some of the exotic pairs on our platform. At this webinar, FBS expert Ekaterina Gorbatenko will introduce you to different trading instruments and explain their specific characteristics.

  • Key terms every trader should know

    FBS Analyst Gaspar Markosyan wil go through the basic terms that every trader would need to feel comfortable dealing with multiple Forex information channels and applications.

  • The essentials of market analysis

    It is important to understand the markets before you start trading. To begin with, you need to learn the difference between the two types of analyses: fundamental and technical. During the webinar, FBS analyst Ekaterina Gorbatenko will share with you the major insights from these analytical schools and tell you important tips on analyzing the price movements.

  • MetaTrader and FBS trader

    FBS Analyst Gaspar Markosyan will delineate the essential differences between MetaTraders and FBS Trader platforms

  • Risk management tips for traders

    FBS Analyst Gaspar Markosyan will explain the basics of financial risk-management and trading risk-management when operating on Forex market.

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