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  • Indicators you've never thought about

    Metatrader provides a wide range of indicators available to a trader. However, not many traders know what they are and how to interpret them. Instead, they either don't use these tools at all or focus on good old RSI and MACD.

    At this webinar, FBS analyst Ekaterina Gorbatenko will share with you:

    - What ATR, CCI, and other oscillators are;

    - Which effective strategies you can build with them;

    - Know the truth about a widespread myth - universal indicator.

  • Forex Intensive: intro class

    How to start trading and how to level up? If you just start exploring the world of trading, you will probably have many questions. Where to start? How to estimate that you have learned enough to work on a live account? What are the rules every trader should follow? At the same time, if you already have some experience, you will likely crave information on how to develop your skills and achieve more. 

    At this webinar, the first in the Forex Intensive series, FBS expert Elizabeth Belugina will provide insights into the Forex market and answer these and other questions. 

    Webinar plan:

    - Trading for beginners: guidelines and tips.

    - Advanced trading: achieving personal growth.  

    - What awaits you at Forex Intensive by FBS?

  • Trading on the news: how the coronavirus changed everything

    2020 has changed many aspects of our lives. For traders, it’s important to know that the pandemic made traders and investors react to the key economic news and events differently.

    At this webinar, you will discover the new logic of the market and find out how to adapt to the new normal.  

    Webinar plan:

    - Which releases make the biggest impact on the market these days?  

    - Technical strategies for trading the news.

    - Life hacks for trading currencies, gold, oil, and S&P 500 on the news.

  • Step by step: your first trade and risk management

    Everyone thinks about profits but loss is the flip side of this coin. Risk-management is an integral part of Forex trading and it needs to be as consistent as any trading strategy is. How to make sure your trade is secure even if you have just started? This is what this webinar is dedicated to. 

    Webinar plan:

    - Psychological and financial risk-management

    - Fundamental risk-management

    - Technical risk-management  

  • Shaken, not stirred: how to trade currencies, gold, and indexes

    FBS provides a wide range of instruments for trading including, but not limited to currencies, gold and indexes. With so many options to choose, how to find a perfect balance? And, most importantly, how to trade these instruments correctly? At this webinar, you will find out the main rules for trading assets and learn the useful insights by FBS experts.

    Webinar plan: 

    - Currency pairs: what are they? 

    - Should we buy gold now?

    - How to ride the S&P500?

  • Forex Intensive: wrap-up meeting

    All good things come to an end and so does FBS series of Forex webinars. There are no reasons to be sad though as we will continue providing traders with expert support. 

    At this concluding live event, FBS chief analyst Elizabeth Belugina will help you sum up the knowledge you have got, answer your questions and hand out presents for the most active and attentive traders. 

    Webinar plan:

    - Debriefing: results of the series.

    - Test: error analysis session.

    - FBS prizes draw game.

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